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Corsa PRO Speed Tubeless-readyCorsa PRO Speed Tubeless-ready

Corsa PRO Speed Tubeless-ready

Accelerate to victory. Dominate your next time trial or triathlon
Sale price€94,95
Corsa PRO Gold Limited EditionCorsa PRO Gold Limited Edition

Corsa PRO Gold Limited Edition

Unique golden tires to celebrate the golden year of Corsa PRO
Sale price€299,00
Tubeless-ReadySold out
Corsa N.Ext + Sealant BundleCorsa N.Ext + Sealant Bundle

Corsa N.Ext + Sealant Bundle

The best tubeless tire set-up for your next granfondo and high-performance training
Sale priceFrom €69,95 Regular price€80,90

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Tube-TypeOn sale
Corsa N.Ext + Competition Latex inner tube BundleCorsa N.Ext + Competition Latex inner tube Bundle

Corsa N.Ext + Competition Latex inner tube Bundle

The best tire & tube match for your next granfondo and high-performance training
Sale priceFrom €59,95 Regular price€77,90
Corsa PRO Tubeless-ReadyCorsa PRO Tubeless-Ready

Corsa PRO Tubeless-Ready

The premium racing tire
Sale price€94,95
Corsa PRO TubularCorsa PRO Tubular

Corsa PRO Tubular

The superlative racing tire
Sale price€119,00
Corsa PRO Control Tubeless-readyCorsa PRO Control Tubeless-ready

Corsa PRO Control Tubeless-ready

The extreme conditions racing tire
Sale price€94,95
Corsa N.Ext Tube-TypeCorsa N.Ext Tube-Type

Corsa N.Ext Tube-Type

The performance clincher racing tire
Sale price€59,95
Corsa N.Ext Tubeless-readyCorsa N.Ext Tubeless-ready

Corsa N.Ext Tubeless-ready

The performance tubeless racing tire
Sale price€69,95

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Corsa PRO

Corsa N.EXT

Corsa Pro Speed

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Corsa PRO Control

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Corsa PRO

Cotton & Graphene: The Choice of the PROs

The Vittoria tyre most used by professionals, further improved: faster, more aerodynamic and more resistant to punctures. The revolutionary new manufacturing method of the Tubeless version means that the 320 TPI cotton casing and the tread are no longer glued, but become a single fabric, through an innovative electrical vulcanisation process, making the tyre extremely flexible and adaptable to the terrain. The new compound Graphene + Silica ensures extraordinary speed and grip, even in wet conditions. Available exclusively in the original Para cotton colour used.

Corsa N.EXT

Racing inspired speed and feel, with theeveryday durability of nylon construction

  • Nylon casing provides durability, for daily racers who want to raisethe bar of their performance relying on a long-lasting tyre
  • Combination of Silica and Graphene compound for improvedrolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life
  • Proven tread design used by Vittoria teams in the World Tour

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