Our commitment

We set sustainability as a key driver of our business development. We know that this will enable us to remain at the forefront of the bike industry. Here are some initiatives we have been working on recently

Our journey has accelerated after we started an ESG monitoring process that led us to identify a set of ESG KPIs. These are based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and, by reporting on them annually, we create a strong quantitative baseline to monitor our progress along our sustainability path.

To ensure the ESG Action Plan is implemented effectively, at the beginning of 2022 we created an ESG team. This is made of two full-time resources at our parent company and an ESG supervisor in our Thai factory.

Our ESG strategy is based on five pillars: 

  1. Lowering emissions  
  2. Increasing raw material circularity  
  3. Integrating sustainability in product development  
  4. Fostering people wellbeing  
  5. Becoming actors of change