Vittoria renews partnership with Team dsm-firmenich PostNL for the 2024 cycling season

Vittoria renews partnership with Team dsm-firmenich PostNL for the 2024 cycling season

Vittoria and Team dsm-firmenich PostNL continued collaboration marks another significant milestone in Vittoria's commitment to supporting world-class athletes.

With a shared passion for innovation, performance, and pushing the limits of cycling excellence, Vittoria and Team dsm-firmenich PostNL have enjoyed a successful partnership over the last three years. By consistently delivering quality and superior technology, Vittoria has played a crucial role in helping the riders achieve their full potential. Vittoria will continue to provide the team with cutting-edge Corsa tires, which are designed to optimize speed, grip, and puncture protection.

The team will rely on the Corsa PRO, the pinnacle of bicycle tire performance which dominated the 2023 season by securing victories in an impressive 59 tour stages and 14 one-day races, resulting in 8 GC wins. Corsa PRO boasts a supple and flexible cotton casing and features a cutting-edge Graphene + Silica rubber compound optimized to minimize rolling resistance.

For tackling the most extreme weather and road conditions, the team will opt for the Corsa PRO Control. This tire is specifically designed to provide unparalleled performance in challenging road and weather conditions. The Corsa PRO Control is also the tire of choice during training sessions. On the other hand, for time trials, the team will choose the Corsa PRO Speed, the fastest tire available offering exceptional speed and efficiency.

Vanessa ten Hoff, Vittoria Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer: “The continuation of our partnership with Team dsm-firmenich PostNL fills us with pride, as it’s an evidence of the team’s trust in our products and in our technicians. Also this year, we will give our best to support the athletes reaching their goals. Their feedbacks will be extremely important in our pursue of ultimate excellence."

Narelle Neumann, Head of Science at Team dsm-firmenich PostNL: "It’s no secret that Vittoria has set the standard in tire performance, and we're thrilled to renew our partnership. We’ve been working together very well over the last years and their tire technology has been instrumental in our team's success. Therefore, we look forward to another season of pushing the limits together".

Team dsm-firmenich PostNL is gearing up for an ambitious 2024 cycling season, with a clear focus on winning races. With a roster boasting some of the fastest sprinters and top sprint lead-out specialists in the peloton, the team aims to construct the most formidable lead-out train, not only for their male program but also for their female counterparts. Additionally, the team, with a blend of emerging talents and seasoned riders, plans to make a mark in the Grand Tours, particularly in the mountain stages, often targeting stage victories as their primary objective. Following these objectives, the team will strive to achieve a strong overall classification in some of the Grand Tours for women.