Be ready for anything with the new RideArmor: Vittoria’s most durable and puncture resistant road tire ever

Be ready for anything with the new RideArmor: Vittoria’s most durable and puncture resistant road tire ever

The toughest road tire available, for the harshest road conditions. RideArmor delivers dependable durability and long wear-life, with a focus on comfort and grip across all asphalt and weather conditions.

Vittoria RideArmor is the new addition to the road tire range designed to provide the dependability and durability that commuters and cyclists that train hard expect from a bicycle tire.

Your armor for increased puncture resistance and high mileage
The name says it all. When developing RideArmor, Vittoria engineers’ aim was to design a tire to be used all year long for training and commuting purposes, on any tarmac and weather condition. The result is a true armor able to defend cyclists from the most hateful enemy: punctures.

Enhanced durability and puncture resistance are offered by a bead-to-bead puncture protection belt, additional sidewall layers and bead shield layers. The ArmorSkin sidewall layer ensures ultimate cut and abrasion protection. This high-quality polyamide fabric, distinguished by its copper coloring, provides extra protection on any road surface and in any weather condition.

RideArmor features the Graphene + Silica compound, the most advanced compound for road tire applications from Vittoria. The Graphene + Silica compound, first developed for Vittoria’s top-of-the-range road tires Corsa PRO and Corsa N.Ext, provides durability, comfort, and grip on both dry and wet conditions, as well as on smooth and rough asphalts. The slick tread design provides low rolling resistance and speed and delivers a modern look & feel to the tire – especially when paired with the black/copper color of the sidewalls.

RideArmor is available in a single Tubeless & Tube type, Nylon 100 TPI multi-layer casing solution, compatible with both tubeless and inner tube set ups. Tire widths range from standard road bike sizes (26 mm / 28 mm) to 38 mm making it a valid option also for commuting bikes, city bikes and gravel bikes. All widths from 28 mm up are TSS (HOOKLESS) compatible.