Universal Tire Levers

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Levers for easy tire mounting and dismounting for any type of tire

The Universal Tire Levers from Vittoria feature a variety of industry leading performance benefits.

One of the two ends of the lever is shaped like a hook to make the tire removal from the rim easy and quick. This is a special feature of the Universal Tire Levers that makes it an effective multi-functional tool. The second end of the levers allows to easily position the tire bead on the rim. The end is slightly banked to ease the insertion of the tire bead inside the rim channel. Thanks to this feature, minimal force is required to mount the tire on the rim.

On the U-shaped end of the lever, there is an insertion point designed to remove Presta valve cores. Simply insert the valve core, twist the tire lever, and remove the valve core. With the valve core remover feature, extra tools for valve core removal are not necessary anymore. On one side of the handle, there is a hook which allows to fasten the lever to the spoke while it keeps the tire bead off the rim. This feature is very useful as it allows to keep the tire in place with one bead off. In this way, it is possible to work on other parts of the tire or add the sealant inside the tire without extra help.

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