Vittoria 3 Nations Cup XCO Mountainbike 2024 is set to start

Vittoria 3 Nations Cup XCO Mountainbike 2024 is set to start

The new season of the Vittoria 3 Nations Cup is set to commence, showcasing a fresh and exciting series of mountain bike races across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Sponsored and named after Vittoria, the series celebrates the spirit of XCO mountain biking by bringing together elite bikers and youngsters making their way to the top from across the globe.

The Vittoria 3-Nations Cup stands as a testament to the sport’s growing popularity and the intense competition among cyclists from different nations. With its challenging courses that traverse the scenic landscapes of three countries, the series provides a platform for athletes to display their prowess, endurance, and strategic acumen in mountain biking.

As the headline sponsor, Vittoria continues to support the sport by not only lending its name to the series but also ensuring that participants have access to the best in tire technology. The brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in tire design significantly enhances the competitive experience, making every race not just a test of skills but also a showcase of cutting-edge tire technology.

This year’s series promises to be more thrilling than ever, with courses designed to challenge the riders and captivate the audience. The Vittoria 3 Nations Cup is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of the mountain biking community, offering a chance for both seasoned professionals and rising stars to shine.

The 2024 calendar is:

  • Oldenzaal (Netherlands) 30th & 31th March, UCI Cat.2
  • Sittard (Netherlands) 6th & 7th April, UCI Cat.1
  • Eupen (Belgium) 4th & 5th May, UCI Cat.2
  • Genk (Belgium) 18th & 19th May, UCI Cat.2
  • Vam berg (Netherlands) 1th & 2th June, UCI Cat.1
  • Saalhausen (Germany) 15th & 16th June, UCI Cat.2
  • Houffalize (Belgium) 29th & 30th June, UCI Cat.1
  • Winterberg (Germany) 7th & 8th September, UCI Cat.2

“We are proud to be at the forefront of mountain biking. Not only being partner of the World Cup and the UEC, but also by continuing our partnership with the Vittoria 3 Nations Cup,” said Vanessa ten Hoff, Vittoria Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer. “This series not only highlights the athletes’ talents and dedication but also underscores our commitment to advancing the mountain bike sport. Not only through technological tire innovation but also by supporting this important competition platform for youngsters and Elite bikers.” 

Cyclists, fans, and sports enthusiasts are invited to experience the excitement of the Vittoria 3-Nations Cup. Keep an eye out for the race schedule and join us in cheering on the athletes as they push their limits in pursuit of glory.