Vittoria Re-cycling

Recycle your used tires and inner tubes with us

Vittoria Re-Cycling

Your used tires and inner tubes still have a long way to go! Don't throw them in the unsorted collection but turn them in to a Vittoria Re-Cycling bike store. With the help of many merchants, we collect the waste and recycle it to make non-trauma flooring for playgrounds and athletic tracks.Go to the Vittoria Re-Cycling member store nearest you and buy your bike products from the most environmentally conscious retailers.

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In Italy, about 2 million bicycle tires and about 2 million bicycle inner tubes are thrown into undifferentiated collection every year, for a total of about 1,000 tons of waste going to landfills and incinerators. These numbers are no longer sustainable. As a leader and innovator in bicycle tire manufacturing, Vittoria has chosen to get out in front and propose a concrete solution.Vittoria Re-Cycling is the new bicycle tire and inner tube recovery and recycling program involving bicycle stores and cycle workshops in Italy. Through the program, Vittoria offers the services of esosport - a company founded in 2009 and specializing in the recovery and recycling of waste materials in the world of sports - to its retail network by bearing all costs. Retailers can enjoy free of charge the legally compliant pickup and disposal service for discarded tires and inner tubes provided by esosport.

By subscribing to the Vittoria Re-Cycling program, the store is in line with the latest regulations on tire and inner tube disposal. esosport is well-established in the sports waste disposal industry, and the project has received sponsorship from the Italian Cycling Federation. In addition, Vittoria covers all the costs of the pickup and disposal service for bicycle tires and inner tubes of all types and brands.

Vittoria aims to increase the circularity of the bicycle industry and the sustainability of its products

The ESO RECYCLING plant in Tolentino (MC) is home to an innovative machine that can process and transform tires and bicycle chambers into a second raw material, in the form of granules, that can be used to make non-trauma flooring for playgrounds and sports surfaces.

In less than two months, many stores have applied to join the Vittoria Re-Cycling program. This figure testifies not only to the increasing attention to the issue of sustainability by the entire supply chain, but also to the need for retailers to receive financial, legal, and logistical support for proper take-back and disposal of tires and inner tubes from discarded bikes.

With Vittoria Re-Cycling, Vittoria and participating stores help the planet and sport by actively contributing to tire and inner tube recycling. Stores that are part of the Vittoria Re-Cycling program are easily recognized.

In addition to containers for used tires and inner tubes, Vittoria provides free communication materials such as advertising boards, brochures, and signs to be displayed in the store. In this way, it seeks to raise awareness among end consumers about the importance of sourcing from merchants who are actively committed to sustainability.