Let's Change!

Vittoria unveiling news at Sea Otter Classic

Come visit us at the Vittoria booth where we will be unveiling a revolutionary step forward in tire construction. Innovative, sustainable, and fast: a new path forward for the future of cycling.

This is the call to action that Vittoria makes to itself and to all bike lovers around the world.

Let's Change...

The way we think about sustainability.
The way we approach bicycle tires.
The meaning of the word “victory.”

What's there for you?

Everyday from April 18 to 21 at the Vittoria booth:

Air-Liner Light Challenge

Each day, the fastest person to mount Air-Liner Light on a wheel will win a pair of Air-Liner Light XC Trail inserts. Don't miss the opportunity to win the lightest insert on the market.

Meet our new products

Be the first to see the unreleased Terreno PRO T60 Mixed in person at the booth - Vittoria's unique gravel tire made with sustainable and recycled materials - along with two exciting new products launching at Sea Otter.

Meet the bikes of the Pros

Immerse yourself in the world of professional cycling by getting up close and personal with these pro-athlete bikes:

  • Wout van Aert's Visma Lease a bike Cervelo
  • Coryn Rivera's EF Education First Cannondale
  • Ginia Galuori's Willier-Vittoria Factory Team
  • Brayden Johnson's Santa Cruz Rockshox

Find us at P1 sector on April 18 - 21

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